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#8 - How to Start a Podcast in 10 Minutes as a Part-Time Creator

#8 - How to Start a Podcast in 10 Minutes as a Part-Time Creator

Just get started

The moment I hit 'publish' on my first podcast episode, I stepped into a world I never imagined.

I had no idea sharing my thoughts into a microphone could be this much fun.

If you like to write but it feels slow, or if you’ve been interested in podcasting - ignore anyone telling you to not do it.

And just give it a try!

Here’s how I got started and why I think conventional advice is wrong.

How to Start a Podcast in 10 Minutes

  1. Buy a Microphone. I chose the Blue Yeti.

  2. Pick a hosting platform. I used Substack because I’ve had a newsletter there. Any platform will do, you just need an RSS feed to submit to Apple or Spotify.

  3. Pick a recording & editing tool. I use Descript now but Alitu looked interesting too.

  4. Make the first episode. Write down a title, some key points, then hit record and go.

  5. Publish. Don’t stress the details, just get started and produce something.

You can always iterate as you go, the most important thing is to get going. Focus your time on creating the episode, not the little details.

You’ll learn a lot from just doing and you can tweak things over time.

Part-Time Creators Should Ignore Conventional Advice

Most advice on starting a podcast is too complicated or too negative and distracting.

Influencers who make a living by monetizing their audience are playing a different game than the part-time creators who are doing this for fun. For them, niching down and building an audience is crucial to their survival. For you and me, we don’t need to worry about that.

“Podcasting doesn’t have discoverability so don’t do it until you have an audience.”


Part-time creators are playing a different game. We want to have fun, learn, explore, connect with fans, and maybe monetize in the future. But while in this period of self-discovery, just focus on have fun and making your art.

If you think podcasting sounds fun, or you want to explore another medium, do it.

You won’t regret giving it a try.

The 30 Day Challenge

Try recording a solo podcast of 5-10 minutes every day for the next 30 days.

Today was day 8 for me.

You’ll learn so much and very quickly figure out if podcasting is for you.

Let me know how it goes, have fun :)

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