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#27 - How to take Smart Notes to Build your Second Brain

#27 - How to take Smart Notes to Build your Second Brain

Combining the best of Zettelkasten, Getting Things Done, and Second Brain

If there’s one super power I’ve developed over the past year, it’s taking notes in a way that gets exponentially more powerful over time.

I’ve combined Zettelkasten, How to Take Smart Notes, Second Brain, and Getting Things Done into a method that works for me.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The Zettelkasten Method popularized by How to Take Smart Notes

  • The Second Brain method

  • How to combine these two systems with the best features of each

  • Some guiding principles to make your note system work for you and focus on learning, being productive, and helping you

My Zettelkasten Map, after 5 months

My Method

  1. Inbox

    1. Captured notes go here to be processed

  2. Permanent Notes

    1. Atomic ideas in a single note

  3. Reference Notes

    1. Notes in my own words from things I consume, organized by medium

  4. Projects

    1. MOCs for projects I am working on.

      1. MOCs are an index into a project

      2. Next Actions list - a few tasks that are next or in progress

      3. Later list - any task or idea I want to do (should do / maybe do list)

  5. Journal

    1. Brain dumps organized by date, reviewed for tasks or ideas that get processed


Bits of Chris
The Bits of Chris Show
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